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To a Leaderhip role on climate?

I’ ll say it: in any global convening, the ones jockeying for power or money or attention or their way are the Americans (Wait, aren’t you American, Amy? I am!). It’s as true on climate as it is in any other realm, but for my money it makes the least amount of sense on climate. The U.S. didn’t just lead the world on emissions for decades, it also created and spread most of the tactics used to block climate action. It has always had the largest number of people believing in and amplifying climate denial. It was American companies that orchestrated the global industry’s response on climate, and it was the U.S. that blocked Kyoto. All of that means Americans hold enormous responsibility for climate obstruction, which means we should definitely be putting the most money and effort into removing the obstacles to climate action, but that’s not the same as being entitled to lead that effort.

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