New Report Confirms: Recycling Is BS

Source: New Report Confirms: Recycling Is BS

Now, an exposé on NPR written by Laura Sullivan – “How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled” – goes even further, showing how it doesn’t even get into benches. We have explained how recycling was invented by the bottling and packaging companies to deal with a landfill crisis, quoting Heather Rogers:

With landfill space shrinking, new incinerators ruled out, water dumping long ago outlawed and the public becoming more environmentally aware by the hour, the solutions to the garbage disposal problem were narrowing. Looking forward, manufacturers must have perceived their range of options as truly horrifying: bans on certain materials and industrial processes; production controls; minimum standards for product durability.

Not to mention deposits and returnable bottle systems that would completely mess up the linear process that was so profitable. Where Sullivan and NPR add to the story is the explanation of how the plastics industry muddled the picture even more.

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