We Won’t Win the Climate Fight Without Youth Leadership

Source: We Won’t Win the Climate Fight Without Youth Leadership

Youth climate strike organizers, including Jamie Margolin (left), stand during a panel held at The New York Society for Ethical Culture on September 23, 2019.

Jamie Margolin, 18, youth climate lawsuit litigant and founder of youth-led climate activist group Zero Hour, gets a lot done.

By noon on a typical day in school, as Margolin chronicles in her guide for youth activists, Youth to Power, she has already posted on Zero Hour and her own social media, responded to DMs and emails, done her homework, gone to classes, fielded messages that say, “Call me, our debit card isn’t letting us book the venue,” or “BIG PROBLEM, I think we might have upset a congress member, we need to do damage control on this ASAP,” and still squeezed in some time to hang out with friends. But, as she’s learned, compartmentalization is hugely important for her mental health — so she treats herself to not taking any calls at the 40 minutes she gets for lunch.

Youth to Power is a guide for youth activism, but adults have a lot to learn from it, too. Margolin walks her readers through the steps of becoming an activist, from finding your purpose to learning how to organize to creating a school-work-life balance out of it all. It’s the book that Margolin says she wishes she had when she was first starting out.

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